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Walk & Trails Tour Sans Souci Mahe

Walk & Trails Tour Sans Souci Mahe Packages
Country: Seychelles
City: Victoria
Duration: 6 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: River Rafting

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360 degree views, and provides easy access to the unique flora found in the intermediate altitudes of Seychelles. Forests, glacis and a panoramic view await you on this popular hike along the East Coast.

Length: 1.6km

Time: 45 mins

Difficulty: Easy

Total Ascent/Descent: 242 m (794 Ft.)

From Victoria, head toward the Sans-Souci road. After a few kilometers, park near the Copolia Lodge. The traihead is just across from the hotel, near the bus stop.

Recommended Items:

Shoes suitable for hikinig


Bottle of water




With an altitude of 300 metres, the Glacis Trois Frères trail offers a magnificent view of Victoria, the Ste Anne Marine Park and other easterly islands in the archipelago, including Praslin and La Digue on clear days. It is one of the most popular hikes on Mahé, though it does not include the summit, for safety reasons.

Length: 1.4 km

Time: 35 mins

Difficulty: Easy

Total Ascent/Descent: 237 m (778 ft.)

From the Sans-Souci road, take the small paved road that leads toward the mountain, located just across from the grocery store. Pass through the residential area to reach the trailhead.

Recommended items:

Shoes suitable for hiking



Bottle of water




This trail is a continuous uphill climb from an already high-altitude starting point in the Morne Seychellois National Park, through mist forests and to the top of the mountain of Morne Blanc, with sweeping views across Mahé’s western seaboard. It is an ascent in the heart of the forest to the most beautiful overlook on the west coast.


The initial part of the trail passes through an old tea plantation, but as the trail elevates the mist forest ecology becomes more evident, with lichens, mosses and ferns covering most surfaces. Many jackfruit trees stand adjacent to the path upwards to the mountain, and these large fruits can often be seen on the ground after having fallen.

There are several caves and holes in this area that are highly camouflaged due to the thick jungle undergrowth, so hikers are advised to not stray from the path.

For more information, individual trail brochures produced by the Ministry of Environment can be purchased at Antigone book store and Botanical Garden.


The trail leads to a platform perched atop the sheer cliff of Morne Blanc, with spectacular panoramic views and from which you can see tropicbirds swirling above and below you. Mountain forest areas such as these are common homes for many of Seychelles’ endemic birds, such as the Seychelles bulbul, the Seychelles swiftlet, and the Seychelles sunbird. You may also be able to hear the surprisingly loud calls of the world’s smallest frog, which is endemic to Seychelles, but at 1 cm in length, finding one will prove much more difficult.

Length: 3.2 km

Time: 40mins

Difficulty: Moderate

Total ascent/descent: 447 m (1,467 ft)

The trailhead is located alongside the Sans Souci road, about 300 m above the Tea Factory. We recommend that you start in the morning so you can fully appreciate the view before the clouds roll in at midday.

Recommended items:

Shoes suitable for hiking



Camera .

Pocket knife

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