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Anse Georgette

Praslin Island, Seychelles

Much like its popular counterpart, Anse Georgette is a beach of breath-taking beauty. But what makes Anse Georgette so special is that it is less busy and more intimate. This makes it one of the best places to visit in Seychelles for couples. This beach can be only accessed through the renowned Constance Lemuria resort, which is a private luxury resort. So, while you’re out and about in this land, make sure you make some space for this beach in your plan too!

Beautifully positioned in a secluded cove on the northwestern tip of Praslin is the beach of Anse Georgette. Heaven for sunseekers with soft white coral sands backed by tropical palm forest complete with tropical birds nesting in the trees.

Given this is the Seychelles it is pretty difficult to choose any one particular beach as being better. However, Anse Georgette does seem to have its crystal clear turquoise sea, white sand, palm trees, and rounded granite boulders aligned just that little bit better than most others!

This beach is so serene and the quieter one among the other beaches of Praslin. While the Anse Lazio is winning awards everywhere and this one holds the pristine and quiet beauty of a perfect beach. The specialty of this place is special because the beach is rock-free and coral-free. You can see the same under the clear water in here as the water is turquoise color and it’s almost an untouched part among the other islands.

Another positive about Anse Georgette is its isolated location makes it one of the most secluded (read uncrowded) beaches on Seychelles. The downside is that access on foot is quite difficult unless you happen to be staying at the Lemuria luxury resort which you need to pass through to get to the beach. Alternatively, you can get here via a taxi boat.

Take a tour of the Anse Georgette, Seychelles, and relax at the beach!

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