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Anse Intendance

Mahe Island, Seychelles

Anse Intendance is a small crescent of sand frayed with palm trees. The beach is not the safest place to try swimming. But the beach is perfect for surfing, sunbathing, and photography. The powdry-white sand of this beach blends perfectly with the crystal clear waters of the ocean, making it a nice spot for reviving and some quiet time for contemplation!

Spread across 800 meters the beautiful Anse Intendance is considered to be one of the most popular Mahe tourist places. Although this photogenic beach has gained a huge popularity over time, yet it manages to remain crowd-free and calm and hosts a very serene atmosphere. The beach remains covered with soft sparkling white sands and magnificent granite outcrops, which add to its never-ending charm.

The path leading to this pristine beach is flanked with towering palm trees and majestic mangroves. Although this beach is not a recommendable swimming destination because of its strong currents, yet Anse Intendance makes for an excellent surfing destination for seasoned surfers seeking some challenge to test their skills.

Located at the south of Mahe, Anse Intendance is one of the isolated beaches of Seychelles. Since there are no reefs, the beach shore has larger waves making it an ideal spot for surfing rather than swimming. With a backdrop of mangroves and large granite formations, the beach is a picture-perfect spot when in Seychelles. It is also one of the few beaches in Seychelles where turtle nests are common.

The remote beach hosts only one resort known as the Banyan Tree, which is a luxury paradise for all its guests. The best time to visit the beach is from October to March.

For holiday with children, it's better to find another beach. It's dangerous to enter the water. Anse Intendance is a perfect place for surfing. Necessary equipment should be taken with because on the beach there are no rental agencies.

People can get there by bus, but public transport on the island is not the best way of traveling. Buses run rarely and irregularly. It's better to go by rented car using GPS. There is parking near the beach.

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