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Anse Source D’argent

La Digue Island, Seychelles

Among the most beautiful places to see in Seychelles, Anse Source D’Argent is a large and wide beach. The picturesque beach is split into various sections by the large boulders that provide quiet and isolated spots for those looking for some quiet time with their partners. Not only do the enchanting enormous rocks at this beach provide a magnificent view, they also add to the scenic charm of the place!

Famed for being one of the most photographed beaches on the planet, Anse Source d'Argent is a sight to behold. Its dazzling white sands are lapped by shallow emerald waters, backed by some of La Digue's most beautiful granite boulders and shaded by craning coconut palms.

Unless you want to wade through watery depths, you'll need to pass through the old L'Union Estate coconut plantation to access the beach, which means paying Rs115 (valid for a day).

The beach is justifiably popular, so the sands can get crowded with beachgoers, particularly as the beach area shrinks at hide tide. Coming in the early morning and returning in the late afternoon is a great way to avoid many of the island's day visitors (keep your entrance ticket).

Enjoy the golden sands and the beautiful rock formation and the picturesque beauty of this place, which will be enough to take your breath away. You will find shallow water here which is protected by a coral reef and the best place for snorkeling as well.

During the day a couple of shacks sell fruit and refreshments, and there are transparent kayaks for rent. Located on La Digue Island, lies the most famous beach in Seychelles.

The only way to access anything on the island of La Digue is on foot, by bike, or on an ox cart. The beach is a bit of a walk from most accommodation, so the easiest way is by bike.

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