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Aride Island

Aride Island, Seychelles

The island is among the best places to visit in Seychelles for nature lovers. The island is part of the district of Grand'Anse, located 10 km north of Praslin island and is 68 hectares in area. The only human inhabitants are the reserve's staff; currently four Seychellois rangers, two expatriate Conservation Officers and two volunteers. They live in the main village of the island, La Cour,on the south side of the island.

The Aride Island Nature Reserve Morne is the home to several endemic flowers and the breeding ground of 18 species of seabirds. In addition to these seabirds and flowers, the island has the highest density of lizards in the world. This island is the habitat of so many seabirds on the Indian ocean. There are so many breeding birds in here, and so many species of native birds who breed in Aride. The island has been conserved by the island conservation society and among so many islands in Seychelles, this is one of the best ones.

There are five species endemic to Seychelles resident on Aride. The Seychelles warbler was introduced from Cousin Island to Aride in 1988 and its population is now the largest in the world with over 2,000 pairs. The Seychelles fody was also introduced from Cousin in 2002, as well the Seychelles magpie robin from Fregate Island. The Seychelles blue pigeon and the Seychelles sunbird have re-colonised Aride naturally.

Today, the island is dedicated to conservation supported by ecotourism. It is known for huge seabird colonies, with more breeding species than any other single Seychelles island plus large numbers of non-breeding frigatebirds. The density of lizards is also one of the greatest on earth. There is only one beach, which faces south, making access difficult when the southeast trade winds are at their height (June to September)

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