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Cathedral Of Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception

Victoria, Seychelles

The imposing cathedral with intricate carvings & delicate tapestries was constructed on the site where Father Leon of Avanchers built the first church here in 1851. Devoted to the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, the cathedral also holds the tomb of the first Seychellois Bishop – Felix Paul – who passed away on 21st November 2001. The cathedral is another popular inclusion in the Seychelles sightseeing tours.

Commonly known as Victoria Cathedral, The Cathedral of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception is one of the first churches built in Seychelles. Close to the city centre, this beautiful building is located near the Clock Tower in Olivier Maradan Street in Victoria. Being the largest Catholic church in Seychelles, it is beautiful and is built similar to the French style. The local people of Victoria spend quiet hours in worship here. Visitors flock to see the marvels of the majestic building and its surrounding grounds.

This imposing Cathedral is the Mother Church of the Catholic Diocese in Seychelles. Constructed on the site where Father Leon of Avanchers built the first vault in March 1851 that was devoted to the Virgin of the immaculate conception, the Cathedral is one of the first churches in Seychelles.

The first and only Seychellois Bishop, Felix Paul, who passed away on the 21st November 2001, is buried inside the cathedral in a tomb built in the flooring. The tomb is not visible but its location is marked by a special plaque.

The Cathedral has undergone numerous renovations over the years. In 1993-94 it was completely renovated, except for the external walls. The last renovation was completed In 1995 when Seychellois sculptor, Egbert Marday fashioned the tabernacle and the carved doors.

If you are on the tour of Seychelles and you love the classic architecture then this site is for you! So never miss this Cathedral to see.

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