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Victoria, Seychelles

Domaine de Val des Près (Craft Village) forms part of the Patrimwann. Experience traditional Creole culture showcased at Domaine de Val des Près. Or, make your own history by getting married, Creole-style on this beautiful property. Domaine de Val des Près consists of five attractions highlighting Creole architecture, arts and craft, and gastronomy: the ‘Gran Kaz’ Plantation House built around 1870; 'La Kaz Rosa' a typical 20th century working class home, 12 craft workshops that host local crafts; and finally; the ‘Maison de Coco, a house built of coconut products in which you will find gifts made from all things coconut.


A traditional homestead that is in perfect condition, the Domaine de Val des Près recalls the simplicity and charm of Creole life as it was at the beginning of the 20th Century. Together with the adjoining buildings the homestead harmoniously displays an ensemble of original architectural features. The ‘Gran Kaz’ consists of a large sitting room, a dining room, three bedrooms and a surrounding verandah. This splendid house is sparsely furnished with a few period pieces. The adjoining buildings constitute a craft village where a group of 12 workshops provide traditional Seychelles crafts and a restaurant that offers the spicy delights of our Creole cuisine. This place offers visitors and residents a nostalgic glimpse of Creole life of yesteryears. Text credit: National Heritage.


The Kreole Institue forms part of the Patrimwann. The Kreole Institute, established to promote Creole culture and tradition, was designed by a German architect, Leit, and constructed in 1920 by France Jumeau, a plantation owner at that time. Its former name was Maison St. Joseph. A large colonial house built in the French style, it reflects the opulence of the grand property owners of that era. Activities that take place at the Kreole Institue include formal, traditional balls, traditional French song recitals, cultural exhibitions, language and literature workshops. It also houses a documentation centre.

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