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Moyenne Island

Mahe Island, Seychelles

The island is most popular for the Giant Tortoises that roam here freely, the old ruins, and the pirate graves. Located towards the north coast of Mahe island, this island was abandoned until a Yorkshire editor purchased it in late 1960s and was the only person to inhabit the island until his death in 2012. As of now, this place remains a nature reserve and is visited by many tourists from all across the world as part of some organized trips.

Moyenne Island, once an unkempt brush pile, is now home to 16,000 plants and trees, mahogany, palm, mango, and pawpaw that he painstakingly transferred to attract the host of native birds that flocked from neighboring islands. Nature paths wind in and out of the plant life, leaving room for visitors to explore, and explore they may, as long as they remember that the tortoises have the right of way.

Grimshaw, who died in 2012, bought the island for a meager £8,000 in 1962. An adventurer with a love of nature and travel, he had always wanted an island to call his own, and was very attracted to the beautiful spots in Seychelles, window shopping for years throughout the smattering of Indian Ocean islands. Brendon Grimshaw turned his fantasy into a wondrous reality—a flora and fauna preserve, primarily housing over 100 land tortoises, the only human inhabitant watching over a paradise of endangered beauty.

Today, the island's main industry is tourism, and it is known for its beaches, especially Anse Creole Travel Services (formerly known as Anse Jolly Roger). The restaurant on the beach is a haven for tourists. Behind the restaurant is the local warden's house. The island is also visited for its wide variety of underwater creatures like fish, sharks and rays.

This island is filled with 16,000 plants and trees like mahogany, mango, palm, and several others. You will get to see the tortoise in here, and if you want, on the permission you can feed them too. There is a church of saints on the island and you can buy small things from here like old doll’s head and other old artifacts. There are some paranormal stories about this island as well, and you can hear about them from your guides or in the guidebook as well.

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